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Portfolio of Previous Projects

The lives reflected in the projects here are varied according to the styles and tastes of each client. Click on the link below to see our portfolio of work to date.

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About Nine Lives

Interior Design

We design interiors for residential and commercial clients. From artists’ and writers’ homes to pubs and hair salons. Our core principle is form follows function – the space must flow for it to be beautiful. Have a look at our recent projects to find out more.

Curated Furniture

In our opinion, the most interesting and inviting spaces have a sense of history and an element of surprise. We work with a select group of artisans to pick or create new and unusual pieces for your interiors. If we can curate family heirlooms, we’re even happier.

Creative Direction

From show home staging to sourcing individual pieces of art and antiques in relation to existing interiors, we offer creative direction wherever it’s needed.

Nine Lives Design Circle

Design Advice

The Brief 15

The Brief 15

Using our online booking system, book a free 15 minute phone call to tell us about your house, development or commercial space.

This is your opportunity to give us a brief overview of what you would like to achieve in a specific time frame and to a particular budget. Within this introductory 15 minute call we should be able to tell you whether we can help with your interior design project.

The Virtual 55

The Virtual 55

Book a 55 minute virtual 1-2-1 design consultation with creative director and founder, Philippa Rae. Whether you’re about to embark on a full house refurbishment or are reviving a single room and need some guidance, she can:

  • Explain the stages involved in your personal project and how best to prepare for them in advance
  • Review floor plans and suggest alternative solutions
  • Suggest wall & floor finishes (e.g. wallpaper, tiles etc.)
  • Comment on joinery solutions (shelving, wardrobes, cabinets etc.)
  • Assist with furniture selection and placement
  • Give styling tips (shelves, furniture, walls etc.)
  • Recommend suppliers & shops

Ask the Designer

"Great things are not done on impulse, but by a series of small things brought together"

If you are not sure whether you are ready for a full-scale remodel, Nine Lives offers interior design advice on a series of small things you may want to change in your home or business. From space planning to shopping lists, our aim is to provide stress-free advice which you can implement quickly. Click on the button below to find out more.